Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon Review


Name: Dutchess Private Reserve

Bottled By: Millbrook Distillery

ABV: 45%

Proof: 90

Age: 6 Years

Notes: On the nose Dutchess Private Reserve has a nice vanilla and honey aroma to it. On the palate there are some similar notes of warm vanilla, smooth honey, spices, and a light smoky flavor. I also noticed some light fruit flavors of apricots and fresh peaches. This whiskey is very smooth and light. The finish is moderate and earthy with notes of vanilla and oak. Dutchess Private Reserve is a 6 year old whiskey one that definitely has plenty of flavor and is very smooth. This is a whiskey I would reach for when I wanted something light. I tried this one neat, with a splash, and in a cocktail and I enjoyed it best with a splash. It seemed to bring out the flavors a lot more, especially the smoky flavor, which I really enjoyed. Overall, this is a good whiskey and one that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for something light with a unique flavor. 

Morning Report, Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014


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Morning Report, Monday, April 21st, 2014


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Ranger Creek .44 Texas Rye Whiskey Review

.44 Rye

Name: Ranger Creek .44 Texas Rye Whiskey

ABV: 47%

Proof: 94

Age: 7 Months

Notes: On the nose this rye has a very strong aroma of black pepper and anise. On the palate there is a crisp apple flavor with smooth honey, vanilla, caramel, and toffee flavors. The finish is spicy with black pepper and cinnamon upfront with some familiar sweet flavors of honey and vanilla. I found this rye to be very smooth and mellow. The honey and apple flavors were the two most noticeable flavors for me and both were delicious. The spicy flavors of black pepper, cinnamon, and anise really played well with the sweet flavors in this rye. This is the third whiskey I tried from Ranger Creek and I was very impressed with all their products. I tried Ranger Creek .44 Rye neat and with a splash and I enjoyed it both ways.  Ranger Creek .44 Rye is priced at around $35 a bottle which I feel is a great price for the quality of the whiskey.

History:Ranger Creek’s Small Caliber Series is a line of creative, limited edition whiskeys aged in small barrels. They put these whiskeys in small bottles to represent the small barrels in which they have been matured. The small barrels accelerate the maturation process by increasing the wood to liquid ratio in the barrel. This imparts unique, interesting flavors and allows us to experiment with new products. In the spirit of being truly craft, they still use local ingredients and innovative ideas to release a new Small Caliber Series product each year. Each bottle is hand labeled with the batch number, bottle number, season, and maturation time.