Diageo’s Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company Releases Rhetoric 21-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey



Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company Releases Rhetoric 21-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (PRNewsFoto/DIAGEO)

Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company Releases Rhetoric 21-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

As bourbon continues to boom, whiskey enthusiasts are clamoring for unique tasting experiences worthy of discussion and debate. To satisfy these drinkers and collectors, the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company has released Rhetoric 21-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

An experiment in maturation, Rhetoric is re-released annually to explore the flavor characteristics imparted by each additional year the bourbon spends in wood, allowing for side-by-side comparisons. Aged in charred American oak barrels for one year longer than last year’s 20-Year-Old release, this rich, complex bourbon represents an exciting evolution in the progressively aged Rhetoric series. Throughout the process, the base Rhetoric liquid remains unchanged, with progressive aging expected to continue through the release of Rhetoric 25-Year-Old in 2019.

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company was created in 2014 to find and share forgotten barrels of whiskey with discerning adult fans, who are encouraged to sip responsibly. Rhetoric 21-Year-Old follows five previous Orphan Barrel bourbons: Barterhouse (20-Year-Old), Old Blowhard (26-Year-Old), Rhetoric (20-Year-Old), Lost Prophet (22-Year-Old) and Forged Oak (15-Year-Old).

Rhetoric stocks were found at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, Ky. The bourbon was distilled in 1993 at the Bernheim Distillery historically located at 17th and Breckenridge inLouisville, Ky., while owned and operated by United Distillers. Rhetoric 21-Year-Old is hand bottled in Tullahoma, Tenn.

“The progressive aging experiment we’re employing with the Rhetoric series is incredibly unique,” said Ewan Morgan, Master of Whiskey for DIAGEO. “We’re going to be able to compare a line of bourbons side-by-side to see how aspects of the liquid – color, aroma, flavors and mouthfeel – are impacted by extra time spent in the barrel. Like many others, I’m looking forward to tasting what one extra year in the barrel does to these bourbons over the coming years.”

Compared to last year’s release, Rhetoric 21-Year-Old is richer and more complex, with a fuller mouthfeel and slightly higher proof of 90.2 (45.1% ABV). Aromas of cherry, sweet tobacco, honey and leather build upon the oak, fruit, vanilla and caramel of Rhetoric 20-Year-Old. New tasting notes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, baking spices and honey complement the charred wood, caramel, vanilla and black pepper spice of Rhetoric 20-Year-Old. Rhetoric 21-Year-Old will be available nationwide in allocated quantities for a suggested retail price of $100 for a 750 mL bottle.

The packaging for Rhetoric features a wood-grain label with gold accents, elaborate typography and imagery of a hummingbird. The background, reminiscent of the oak barrels in which the whiskey has aged, will become darker as each new, more mature offering is released.

Like the other Orphan Barrel whiskeys, Rhetoric 21-Year-Old has long awaited a place to call home and should be sipped slowly and responsibly.

Alltech breaks ground on Dueling Barrels Brewing & Distilling Co. in Eastern Kentucky


[PIKEVILLE, Kentucky] – Eastern Kentucky is one step closer to having its first (legal) distillery and brewery, after Alltech broke ground today on Dueling Barrels Brewing & Distilling Co. in downtown Pikeville, Kentucky.

The combined brewery and distillery, expected to open in Spring 2017 at a cost of $13 million, will be uniquely Eastern Kentucky-inspired. It will feature its own range of beer and spirits that celebrate the area, including a legal moonshine and bourbon.


For over a year the design team has worked on a building that will embrace the rich history and culture of the region. The story of the Hatfields and McCoys, along with the region’s music heritage, will be part of the overall strategy.

“With Alltech’s global reach, it is expected that Dueling Barrels’ beer, whiskey and moonshine, all from Eastern Kentucky, will go to the global market by the end of next year,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “It is also our hope that Dueling Barrels will extend the Kentucky Bourbon Trail into Eastern Kentucky, bringing visitors, tourism dollars and international publicity with it. If Dueling Barrels is added to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, it would become the first and only stop east of Lexington.”


The distillery name was inspired by the notorious feuds between the Hatfields and McCoys, and is a double entendre with gun barrels and whiskey barrels. Dueling Barrels will feature tours of the brewery and distillery, beginning with a visit to a small theatre to view a video of what guests will experience. A tour of the distillery and brewhouse will follow, where the process will be explained in depth, and then will end with a visit to the tasting room where the products can be sampled.

The Dueling Barrels building is being designed to be pleasing to both the front (Main Street) and the back (Second Street) in Pikeville and to tie in with the local architecture. Kentucky craftsmen are currently making copper pot stills which will proudly sit facing Hambley Boulevard and can be viewed from the street. Artisan stone masons from Rockcastle County, Kentucky will complete interior and exterior Kentucky fieldstone work. Hambley Boulevard will be fronted with the Kentucky fieldstone, whereas the Second Street side is designed to fit in with the current streetscape and will feature three separate shop fronts with unique designs.

A careful demolition of the former downtown property on the site started in early 2015 to make room for the new building. Brewing and distilling equipment is currently being constructed. Dueling Barrels has also led to a commitment from local businessman Mitch Potter to develop an Irish-style brewpub restaurant next to the brewery and distillery.

Alltech is investing in Eastern Kentucky because Alltech’s founders Pearse and Deirdre Lyons have an affinity for Eastern Kentucky, thanks to the region’s similarities with their native Ireland. They believe that by acting as a catalyst, others will follow suit as they bring new business to the area.

The new Dueling Barrels site is part of a continued global expansion of the Alltech Beverage Division.The beverage division began with a single brewery in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, and 10 years later the addition of a distillery, Town Branch, was completed. As demand has increased for the company’s products, additional capacity with storage and bottling lines has been added at a second Lexington site on Angliana Avenue five minutes from the original brewery. Larger brewhouses are to be installed at both Lexington sites by year’s end.

Overseas, Alltech acquired two breweries in Ireland and the U.K. earlier this month as part of an acquisition that will help the company broaden its reach.

Rogue Ales and Spirits Launches Chipotle Whiskey


On August 1, 2015 Rogue Ales and Spirits will unveil Rogue Chipotle Whiskey, small-batch distilled with Rogue Farms chipotle peppers.

Rogue Chipotle Whiskey begins at the Rogue farm in Independence, Oregon, where two acres of jalapeños grow close to the banks of the Willamette River. The jalapeños are allowed to ripen until they are bright red, the additional time ripening on the vine means more capsaicin in the pepper, which makes for a spicier pepper. Once harvested by hand, the jalapeños are driven 77 miles to the Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon, where they are dried and slowly smoked over cherry and alder woods. The smoky chipotles are then used by Brewmaster John Maier to brew the Rogue Chipotle Whiskey wash.

Once the brewing is complete, the chipotle wash is driven across the parking lot to the Rogue Distillery where more freshly smoked chipotles are added during the distillation process. After distillation, the Chipotle Whiskey is aged in Oregon Oak barrels along with one final addition of chipotles. Rogue Chipotle Whiskey uses chipotles three ways: brewed, distilled, and barrel-aged with Rogue Farms chipotle peppers for three times the flavor and spice.

Rogue Chipotle Whiskey will be available at Rogue meeting halls and select retailers throughout the United States. For more information, please visit rogue.com.

Old Fashioned Carry On Cocktail Kit

W&P Design x Old Fashioned Carry On Cocktail Kit (4)

Drink: Flying somewhere and craving a good cocktail? Check out the Carry On Cocktail Kit from W&P Design. This tiny cocktail kit will make you a damn good old fashioned at 30,000 feet. The kit includes a recipe card, spoon, muddler, bitters, cane sugar, and a linen coaster, all of which are packed neatly in a tiny case that will pass through security at your airport of choice. Just order a bottle of bourbon and craft your cocktail.

Eastside Distilling Introduces New Barrel Hitch American Whiskey and Barrel Hitch ‘Oregon Oak’ American Whiskey


Eastside Distilling, Inc., a producer of award-winning master-crafted spirits, has launched two new American Whiskeys, Barrel Hitch American Whiskey and Barrel Hitch ‘Oregon Oak’ American Whiskey.

The new whiskeys join Eastside’s already broad line of spirits that include the award-winning Burnside Bourbon and Burnside ‘Oregon Oaked’ Bourbon, as well as the award winning flavored whiskeys, Marionberry and Cherry Bomb.

Eastside’s master distiller, Melissa Heim, and its chief branding officer, Carrie Earles, collaborated to create the Barrel Hitch brand with one goal in mind: make a premium American whiskey enjoyable by all. Extra smooth and approachable as well as reasonably priced, these whiskeys were crafted to create instant appeal for both new and experienced whiskey drinkers wanting to savor a spirit for the ages — pure, simple, no gimmicks.

Bottled at 80 proof, Barrel Hitch American Whiskey hits the mark with a smooth body, toasted oak and hints of green apple and vanilla. Its remarkable flavor profile is the result of a meticulous blending process of carefully selected finished whiskey sources. Every source contributes a unique scent, flavor, mouth feel and color that is expertly balanced for consistency and quality. Eastside’s spirit crafting process represents the true marriage of art and science.

Bottled at 88 proof, Barrel Hitch ‘Oregon Oak’ American Whiskey takes its Barrel Hitch American Whiskey through a second “Oregon Oaked” aging process for an additional four months. Barrels constructed of Oregon Oak impart a distinctive savory spice flavor to aged spirits that cannot be produced from barrels made from other oak varietals.

The waters required in the crafting process to standardize the proof are sourced from the Bull Run watershed, an ecologically protected reservoir that collects rainfall and melting snow descending from Oregon’s majestic Cascade Mountains. These crystal clear waters flow freely and purely over an ancient layer of basalt bedrock on its way to Eastside’s distillery on Portland Distillery Row, where the unique mineral composition of these natural waters contributes to the distinct and alluring flavor profiles of these new American Whiskeys.

“We’re launching these new whiskeys into the fastest growing category of the spirits market, which hit $23.1 billion last year,” noted Eastside Distilling CEO, Steven Earles. “This record growth is largely being driven by a newer generation of spirits drinkers, and particularly women, who are discovering whiskey as a refreshing alternative to vodka and rum.

“Today’s new whiskey drinkers are not limited by tradition, but seek the best-tasting, most full-flavored experience they can find. In this regard, our new Barrel Hitch whiskeys hit the mark straight on. We expect them to develop the same phenomenal loyalty and growing demand created by our other spirits, which have received numerous industry awards for quality, taste, innovation and branding.”

Eastside’s new American whiskeys have received listing approval by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and the company is preparing initial shipments for distribution to Oregon’s state-run liquor stores, with the rollout to other states planned to soon follow. Over the course of the last few months, Eastside has expanded distribution to three new states, now totaling nine, with the ongoing national expansion supported by some of the nation’s leading distributors.

Barrel Hitch American Whiskey: Tasting Notes

Color: Sunny Straw

Nose: Crushed wheat, corn husk and lightly toasted white oak

Flavor: Clean grain with subtle earthy, grassy notes. Covers entire palate with a comforting spice similar to cardamom. The oak opens with dessert tannins like vanilla and lends the subtlety of honeycomb. The flavor takes a pleasant turn towards dry, cured oak and warm caramel. This is a wonderfully balanced sipping whiskey that is low octane and truly original.

Barrel Hitch ‘Oregon Oak’ American Whiskey: Tasting Notes

Color: Gold

Nose: Vanilla, buttered biscuit, cognac

Flavor: Immediate dessert tannins with a medium octane punch. Lingers on upper palate with white oak, caramel, coal and vanilla. Flavor remains with you long after you’ve enjoyed your sip.


LUDLOW, Ky. – The Kentucky Distillers’ Association today announced that Second Sight Spirits in Kenton County is the newest and 28th member of the non-profit trade group that promotes, protects and unites the state’s signature Bourbon and distilled spirits industry.

Second Sight co-founders Carus Waggoner and Rick Couch grew up in Northern Kentucky andrecentl y moved back from Las Vegas, where they worked with Cirque Du Soleil on Beatles Love and Viva Elvis.

“We’ve been impressed with the job Rick and Carus have done by utilizing their theatrical talents in designing their distillery experience,” KDA President Eric Gregory said. “That’s the great thing about all our members – each one is truly unique.”

Second Sight is located in downtown Ludlow at 301 B Elm Street. The term “second sight” refers to an extrasensory ability to see the future, and the company’s still is designed to look like a fortune teller with a custom crystal ball condenser.

“Our vision of artisan distilling will focus on premium, local products presented in an innovative way,” Waggoner said. “We believe everything we do should be good for the spirit using the best ingredients to excite, engage and entertain our consumers.”

Couch said, “Being surrounded by the inspiring sights and sounds of Las Vegas gave us an intimate understanding of the processes and techniques it takes to make a world-class product and present it in an exciting way for Northern Kentucky.”

Their first product, Unbarreled Rum, is already in stores and an artisan gin is in the works.

Second Sight’s tasting room is open Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Tastings and tours are free. Tours are given on the hour. Last tour Friday is 7 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Visit www.secondsightspirits.com for more information.

Founded in 1880, the KDA is the state’s voice for Bourbon and spirits issues. Second Sight is its 28th member and 20th craft member, building upon its record for the highest number of distilleries since the repeal of Prohibition.

The KDA’s diverse membership produces 90 percent of the world’s Bourbon, from legendary, global brands to emerging micro distilleries that are building the next generation of the timeless craft and strengthening Kentucky’s rightful place as the one, true authentic home for Bourbon.

Kentucky Bourbon is one of the Commonwealth’s most historic and treasured industries, a thriving $3 billion economic engine that generates more than 15,400 jobs with an annual payroll topping $700 million and pours $166 million into state and local coffers each year.

The KDA recently announced that the state’s inventory of aging Bourbon barrels set a 40-year high in 2014 with 5,669,682 million charred oak casks gently sleeping in Bluegrass warehouses. Production has soared more than 170 percent since the turn of the century, with only 485,020 barrels filled in 1999. Distilleries crafted 1,306,375 barrels last year – the highest production mark since 1970 and the third straight year with a million barrels born.

“This is a magical time for Kentucky Bourbon, and we’re excited to welcome Second Sight to our ranks,” Gregory said. “We look forward to working with them and our craft partners to secure the integrity of our industry and bolster the Golden Age of Bourbon.”

Lifting Spirits


Benefit Concert for Jay Rogers & The Family of Kyle Rogers

Come out to MB Roland Distillery on August 8th to support the Rogers’ Families!

Live music by Kalib Swift & Friends. Bring your own chairs and blankets. Food trucks will be on-site. Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are welcome.

WHAT: Lifting Spirits Benefit Concert

WHEN: August 5th, 5-9pm

WHERE: MB Roland Distillery, 137 Barkers Mill Rd. Pembroke, Ky

COST: $5 per person, 12 and under are free. All proceeds to benefit the Rogers’ families.

For info on this event, call 270-640-7744 or visit mbrdistillery.com.




The two brands aim to raise $1 million to benefit Breeders’ Cup Charities

The Breeders’ Cup, Thoroughbred racing’s most prestigious international event, and Maker’s Mark®, the original premium bourbon, have announced a new partnership that will aim to raise $1 million for charity over the next three years. Beginning with the 32nd Breeders’ Cup World Championships taking place October 30 and 31 at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Ky., the two iconic brands will collaborate on a limited-edition collection of Maker’s Mark bottles, each of which will feature a previous Breeders’ Cup champion. The proceeds from these bottles will be donated to various local and thoroughbred-industry charities through Breeders’ Cup Charities, the official charity outreach program of Breeders’ Cup. In addition to the special bottles being created, Maker’s Mark will also be featured in a signature cocktail at the racecourse and for all of the major Breeders’ Cup parties and hospitality events throughout the week, including Taste of the World and the Finish Line Celebration Party.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with Maker’s Mark,” said Craig Fravel, President and CEO of the Breeders’ Cup. “We reached out to Maker’s Mark on the very day we announced this year’s World Championships would be at Keeneland because of the brand’s roots here and the esteem in which Maker’s Mark is held all over the world. That makes them a perfect partner, and it’s a milestone for the Breeders’ Cup, illustrating the evolution of the event.”

The five limited-edition Maker’s Mark bottles will represent AP Indy, Cigar, Lure, Personal Ensign and Zenyatta and be colored in the silks their respective jockeys wore during their illustrious careers. Three of the bottles, AP Indy, Lure and Personal Ensign, will be released this fall, just before the Breeders’ Cup World Championships at a ticketed event held at Keeneland on Thursday, October 29. The event, titled Champions for Charity, will be held in the VIP Maker’s Mark Bourbon Lounge at Keeneland, an upscale area designed to be the go-to, on-site social locale at the track during the week. Attendees at the event will have the opportunity to bid on the bottles through a silent auction, with 100% of the donations going to the following organizations through Breeders’ Cup Charities: Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, Kentucky Horse Park Foundation, The Lexington Cancer Foundation, Inc.®, The Race for Education, Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and University of Kentucky® Markey Cancer Center Foundation. The fourth bottle featuring Zenyatta will then be released in 2016, and the

fifth featuring Cigar in 2017. To further personalize the bottles, connections to the five champions will pre-sign each of their respective bottles. To attend the party with the auction of the Maker’s Mark Breeders’ Cup-themed bottles, please visit http://www.BreedersCup.com/ChampionsForCharity or contact (859) 514-9428.

“This is a great partnership all around for us,” said Maker’s Mark Chief Operating Officer Rob Samuels. “When my grandparents created Maker’s Mark, Keeneland was their first customer and many of their friends were in the thoroughbred industry. So we’ve always had a soft spot for charities connected with the sport. And what an honor to be part of such a prestigious event as the first Breeders’ Cup ever to take place at Keeneland.”

Beyond the fundraising bottle event and being involved with all the week’s activities, Maker’s Mark will also be promoting the Breeders’ Cup in various off-premise market locations. As part of the multi-year partnership, Maker’s Mark also will be closely involved with the World Championships when it returns to Santa Anita in 2016 and for its debut at Del Mar in 2017.

About Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup administers the Breeders’ Cup World Championships, Thoroughbred racing’s year-end Championships. The Breeders’ Cup also administers the Breeders’ Cup Challenge qualifying series, which provides automatic starting positions into the Championships races. The 2015 Breeders’ Cup World Championships, consisting of 13 (grade I) races and purses totalling $26 million, will be held Oct. 30-31 at Keeneland in Lexington, KY and will be televised live by the NBC Sports® Group. Breeders’ Cup press releases appear on the Breeders’ Cup Web site, http://www.breederscup.com. You can also follow the Breeders’ Cup on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About Maker’s Mark® Bourbon

In 1954, at a small Victorian distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, Bill Samuels, Sr. fulfilled his dream to create a pioneering handmade bourbon that, for the first time, would appeal both to bourbon and to non-bourbon drinkers alike, that tasted good and exemplified good taste, and wouldn’t “blow your ears off,” which was the measure by which bourbons were judged at the time. He decided to make his whisky in small-batches of 19 barrels, developed a proprietary barrel char to enhance the softness and sweetness of his whisky, and then rotated each barrel by hand to ensure exposure to consistent temperatures throughout the warehouse, and, ultimately, he aged each barrel to taste. Bill Samuels, Sr. unknowingly and unintentionally, fired the shot that started the Bourbon Revolution, and transformed bourbon from a “commodity” into a premium handcrafted spirit, giving rise to the modern era of bourbon. Today, Maker’s Mark® continues to make its bourbon the same way Bill Samuels, Sr., did 60 years ago, in small batches by craftsmen who hand-dip each bottle. In 2010, in tribute to his father’s spirit of innovation, Bill Samuels, Jr. unveiled Maker’s 46®, a totally new bourbon that reflects the distinct character of Maker’s Mark® but has a bigger, bolder and complex taste without any hint of bitterness. Maker’s Mark® Bourbon (45% alc./vol.) and Maker’s 46® (47% alc./vol.) are distilled, aged and bottled by the Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc., in Loretto, Kentucky. In 1980, the distillery was designated a National Historic Landmark, becoming the first distillery in America to be so recognized, and has also been decreed as the “world’s oldest operating bourbon whisky distillery” by Guinness World Records®. The Maker’s Mark Distillery is one of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. For more information, please visit the Maker’s Mark® website (www.makersmark.com).

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

RockCastle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey- Release Info


At long last the official release of our RockCastle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is right around the corner. We will be hosting an official release celebration this Friday, July 24 at our distillery located at 1200 Manchester Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Come down and sample our limited release small batch bourbon and pick up a bottle to take home with you (Maximum purchase 2 bottles per customer)!

The bourbon goes on sale at 6pm but the celebration will run from 4-11pm. There will be food trucks, live music, and other vendors located on site.

While in the area, be sure to check out some of the neighboring businesses. Grab a craft beer brewed by our neighbors Ethereal Brewing, or swing by the Break Room bar for a cold beverage on their one of a kind patio overlooking the Town Branch creek. Middle Fork Kitchen bar will be serving classic Kentucky dishes while Crank and Boom craft ice cream will be serving many of their unique ice cream treats. It will be a great time for all!

Our RockCastle bourbon will also be available throughout Kentucky at your nearest Liquor Barn retailer. Those in Lexington unable to attend the event will also be able to purchase the bourbon at Unlimited Spirits on Southland Drive and other select locations throughout the city.

Our special first batch release consists of only 500 bottles so be sure to grab one before they sell out!

We look forward to seeing you!!

Pete, Jeff, Robert, Chad & Clayton

Barrel House Distilling Company | 1200 Manchester Street, Lexington, KY 40504