Bourbon & Oak Welcomes Marlon Hall

We are very pleased to announce Marlon Hall has joined our team as a guest writer.

Marlon Hall

Celebrated barman Marlon Hall might look like a mere lad; he still gets carded very often, but he is quickly approaching 40. He has been crafting cocktails almost half his life. Marlon acknowledges that he initially got behind the bar for a quick buck, but after learning about the art of the cocktail from some of the best in the business, he soon realized that he was born for this craft! Marlon’s honed his craft in restaurants in Texas, New York, and Florida, his current home. From the mixed drink in a martini glass craze to the resurgence of the craft cocktail, Marlon has seen it all. Marlon will be a smiling, friendly and damn talented presence behind the bar, and he’s ready to share some of his favorite classic bourbon and scotch cocktails and a few twists of his own with Bourbon & Oak. Check out his blog over at

Please join us in welcoming Marlon Hall to our team here at Bourbon & Oak. We are very pleased to have him with us and look forward to all the great recipes he will be bringing. Welcome Marlon!

Please visit our About page for more information.


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