Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask

Name: Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask

ABV: 50%

Proof: 100

Nose: Sherry, Vanilla, Oak, Almonds

Palate: Oak, Caramel, Sherry

Finish: Moderate in length, dry, with a straightforward oak flavor until the fade.

Overall: This is the second whiskey I tried from Wyoming Whiskey and I didn’t take nearly as long to explore and sample this one as I did the Outryder. On the nose there is a sherry aroma up front with some simple notes of vanilla, oak, and almonds as well. At first sip I was greeted with a dry oak flavor with smooth caramel and sherry notes which slowly came in. The finish was moderate in length, dry, and basically oak was the only real flavor notes I was able to detect. Overall, this is another smooth whiskey offering from Wyoming Whiskey. Just like the Outryder, there is no real spice or burn. Both whiskies were dry however which I enjoyed but I also enjoy a bit more spice with my whiskey. I enjoyed this whiskey like the Outryder but overall felt this had a better flavor profile. I tried this whiskey neat and with a splash and enjoyed it both ways. Overall, I was satisfied with both of the expressions I tried from Wyoming Whiskey and would definitely recommend them if you have not tried them yet.

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