Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

Name: Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

ABV: 50%

Proof: 100

Nose: Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Grain

Palate: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherries, Rye

Finish: Short, dry, and mellow with rich chocolate and tart cherry flavors.

Overall: This is the first whiskey from Wyoming Whiskey that I have had. On the nose there is a light hot chocolate aroma with some caramel and vanilla notes in there and a subtle earthy grain aroma. At first sip I was greeted the smooth flavors of vanilla and caramel up front with chocolate, cherries, and rye flavors on the back end. The finish was short and dry with rich chocolate flavors and a tart cherry flavor. This was a very mild whiskey with almost no spice or burn which surprised me as so many others have mentioned a strong spice. Overall, this was a simple whiskey and not complex at all. Straightforward and smooth while providing an enjoyable flavor profile. As I mentioned this was my first whiskey from Wyoming Whiskey and I thoroughly enjoyed the whiskey. It is one that experienced whiskey drinkers would enjoy and also those who are looking to continue to expand their palate.

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