Maker’s 46 Review

Maker's 46 Our Rating: 91%
Maker’s 46

Name: Maker’s 46

Bottled By: Beam Inc.

ABV: 47%

Proof: 94

Age: 5-7 Years

Notes: Maker’s 46 definitely has different taste than it’s cousin. Maker’s 46 has a spicier scent and taste than classic Maker’s but still has lots of vanilla and caramel flavors. There are more oak flavors up front than in the classic Maker’s which is quite enjoyable. Maker’s 46 seems to have the same consistency as classic Maker’s, not too thick not too thin. The finish on Maker’s 46 is definitely longer and more noticeable than the classic, lots of caramel and heat, for that we gave it a higher rating than the classic. We enjoy adding a splash to Maker’s 46.

History: Maker’s 46 starts off as classic Maker’s Mark and once it is fully matured, charred french oak staves are added to the barrel and it is aged for an additional 2-3 months.


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