Templeton Rye Review

Templeton Rye Our Rating: 96%
Templeton Rye

Name: Templeton Rye

Bottled By: Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Age: N/A

Notes: Templeton Rye has a nice sweet and spicy scent with notes of fresh fruit, rye, caramel, vanilla, and mint. At first sip, I could taste the rye upfront with a faint sweet honey or syrup taste which makes way for some spice to come into play, pepper and cinnamon. This whiskey has a nice sweet taste which allows it to stay mild without a lot of bite. The finish is bold, crisp, with some sweet honey, oak, and mint, that lingers slightly but not too long. This is a delicious whiskey and very smooth, most likely due to the low proof. I tried this neat and in a cocktail, and I prefer it neat. Don’t be turned away by the price tag, in my opinion it is worth the price, it’s something different than the everyday sipper, and would be a great addition to any whiskey lovers’ shelf.

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