Belle Meade Bourbon Review

Belle Meade
Belle Meade Bourbon 


Name: Belle Meade Bourbon

Bottled By: Green Brier Distillery

ABV: 45.2%

Proof: 90.4

Notes: On the nose there is a nice vanilla, caramel, and cedar scent. On the palate I was able to pick up some caramel, fruit, and vanilla flavors. There was a slight burn and some delicious spicy flavors throughout. The finish was moderate with a slight burn that didn’t last too long. I really enjoyed this bourbon. I enjoyed this one neat and on the rocks and preferred it neat. When on the rocks it seemed to lose some of the flavor. Overall, I found it to be a great, easy sipper and one that I would recommend to those who haven’t tried it. At around $35-$40, Belle Meade seems to be priced right. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider giving it a try the next time you are picking up some bourbon.

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