Booker’s Bourbon Review

Bookers Bourbon

Bottled By: Beam Inc.

ABV: 60.5%-63.5%

Proof: 121-127

Notes: On the nose Booker’s has a nice wood and toffee scent with a hint of citrus. I also picked up a nice caramel scent in there as well but it was faint. On the palate Booker’s has a strong burn up front; once this subsides you will be greeted with some wonderful flavors of wood, toffee, fruit, vanilla, and caramel. They all seem to play so well together and the flavors are very complex. The finish is long and dry with plenty of great flavors such as caramel, oak, cedar, nutmeg and cinnamon. I only tried Booker’s neat but I could imagine adding a drop of water would bring out some great flavors. Booker’s is strong bourbon, there is no doubt about it, but is very drinkable in my opinion. Booker’s is delicious bourbon that is full of flavor and quite a lot of burn, but it is fantastic. If all the bottles are as good as the one I had, you will not be disappointed. Don’t let the high price tag fool you, it is definitely worth it.

History: Booker’s is part of the Beam Small Batch Collection. In 1992, Booker Noe introduced his own signature bourbon, Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon. Inspired by a 200-year-old tradition, Booker’s is the first bourbon bottled straight-from-the-barrel, uncut and unfiltered. First created as a holiday gift for his special friends, Booker’s whiskey was so well-received that he decided to make it available to bourbon lovers worldwide; much to the joy of spirit connoisseurs everywhere.

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