Knappogue Castle Sherry Cask Finished 16 Year Irish Whiskey Review

Knappogue 16 Year

Name: Knappogue Castle Sherry Cask Finished 16 Year Irish Whiskey

Bottled By: Knappogue Castle

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Age: 16 years

Notes: On the nose this has a very mellow aroma of walnuts, vanilla, and cherries. The first sip is as mellow as the nose and equally enjoyable and has some wonderful sweet flavors of vanilla, caramel, and fresh fruit. As it opened up more I got hit with a burst of flavors; corn, wine, anise, and some wonderful familiar oak flavor that I really enjoyed. The finish is long and mellow with the same sweet fruit and oak flavors that were present in the beginning and seemed to linger perfectly. There is no bite or burn with this one. Knappogue Castle 16 Year is an excellent whiskey that would be perfect for special occasions. I thought the flavor profile was excellent. This whiskey should be available for $100 at most retailers which I think is a fair price for what you get. Knappogue Castle 16 Year is twin wood, aged it two types of barrels. After 14 years in bourbon casks, it spends a final 21 months aging in Sherry Casks. Mark Andrews III, son of the founder of Knappogue Castle, developed this latest aged whiskey as a tribute to the brand’s heritage. Twin Wood, a refined 16-year old whiskey only recently bottled, spent the final 21 months maturing in casks specially infused for Knappogue Castle with Oloroso Sherry. This sherry-cask finishing has added complexity and notes of nutty, sherry maltiness to Knappogue Castle’s characteristic, smooth, mellow taste. There are only 1900 signed and numbered bottles ever produced. If you have the chance to try some, it is definitely worth it.

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