Old Crow Reserve Review

Old Crow Reserve Our Rating: 77%
Old Crow Reserve

Name: Old Crow Reserve

Bottled By: Beam Inc.

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Age: 4 Years

Notes: Old Crow Reserve starts off with a very artificial caramel taste which is neither long lasting or all that pleasant. This Bourbon has a bit of spice to it, think cinnamon, and you can definitely tell it is a sour mash. The finish is a bit harsh and one that will quickly be forgotten. As a Bourbon that’s less than $10 goes, it might be a better choice than some of the others. The folks who enjoy Bourbon and  Coke will most likely enjoy this one.

History: Old Crow Reserve is distilled by Beam Inc. and is aged slightly longer than its cousin Old Crow. Old Crow Reserve is aged for 4 years and is 86 proof vs. Old Crow being aged for 3 years and 80 proof.

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