1792 Ridgemont Reserve Review

Name: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve

Bottled By: The Sazerac Company

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Our Rating: 84%
1792 Ridgemont Reserve 

ABV: 46.85%

Proof: 93.7

Age: 8 Years

Notes: This Bourbon hits you with a scent of vanilla, oak, and allspice. At the first sip you will get a mild taste of vanilla and pepper and then a stronger taste of anise and ginger. The finish is smooth with a small amount of spice and lingering heat. Overall, this is a great Bourbon for beginners. It is priced right, generally under $20 and seems to be readily available. We enjoy this Bourbon over ice or with a splash. We often find ourselves repurchasing this one due to the price, availability, and quality.

History: This Bourbon takes its name from the year Kentucky became a state. This Bourbon was introduced in 2002 and is currently produced by Barton Brands Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

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2 thoughts on “1792 Ridgemont Reserve Review

  1. One of my Favorites!

    1. Definitely a good one, thanks for your comment.

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