Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye Review

Smooth Ambler Rye

Name: Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye

Bottled By: Smooth Ambler Spirits

ABV: 49.5%

Proof: 99

Age: 7 Years

Notes: On the nose this rye is very sweet with some orange and fruit notes. At first sip I got a burst of citrus flavors up front, most notably oranges with some hints of lemons and grapefruit, there is also a fair amount of spice, most notably black pepper. As the whiskey opened up for a few minutes, the orange flavors were even more noticeable which I found to be delicious. The finish was short, smooth, and spicy with some familiar citrus flavors. I found this to be a good rye; the prominent orange flavor definitely makes it unique. I tried this one neat and it was very enjoyable but I am really looking forward to making a Manhattan with it as well, I can already imagine how the flavors will play together. It is a very drinkable whiskey and hard to beat for the price. If I could change one thing about this whiskey, I would like the finish to be just a little longer. Overall this is a good rye that would make a great addition to any whiskey lover’s shelf.

History:  Smooth Ambler was formed in 2009 and began distilling whiskey in early 2010. They started off like a lot of other craft distilleries and began making clear products (Vodka, Gin, and White Whiskey), while also laying whiskey back, primarily a wheated bourbon, as quickly as possible. In the second year of business, they were able to acquire some really good, properly matured barrels of whiskey, specifically, high-rye bourbon, low-rye bourbon, and a straight rye. That is the whiskey they have released as “Old Scout” and they merchant bottle it in as pure and authentic manner as possible. They are open and honest about their sourced whiskey and the fact that they do two things, hand make some whiskey and handpick some whiskey. I find this to be very respectable and like the fact that they are so forthcoming about this, even notating it on the bottle.

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