Charred Oak Bourbon Review

Charred Oak Bourbon

Name: Charred Oak Bourbon

Bottled By: Off The Clock Spirits

 ABV: 50%

Proof: 100

Age: 18 Months – 5 Years

Notes: On the nose there is a noticeable fruit scent up front with some subtle undertones of leather and vanilla. At first sip there are some pleasant oak and wood flavors with some tart fruit flavors, mostly apples and cherries. The finish is moderate and very smooth with a slight vanilla flavor. Charred Oak was created with cigar smokers in mind and so I enjoyed a cigar with mine. In my past experiences with smoking a cigar with bourbon I would get a lot of burn and it didn’t seem to matter what cigar or bourbon I was drinking, but with Charred Oak I didn’t experience any burn. It really seemed to bring out the flavors of the cigar and both were very smooth and mellow. If the makers of Charred Oak set out to create this bourbon for cigar smokers, they nailed it in my opinion. It seems to me that there hasn’t been a lot of talk about Charred Oak online, but since I live in Georgia, it is readily available to me. I finally had the chance to try the bourbon and rye last week and I am glad I did. I really enjoyed it. It tried it neat with a cigar and before completing this review I tried it neat and on the rocks, without a cigar. I enjoyed it best with the company of a cigar. Charred Oak Bourbon is available at most places for around $35 and I think that is a good price for this bourbon. If you enjoy a cigar with your bourbon then I recommend you give Charred Oak a try and see what you think.

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