Tincup American Whiskey Review

Tuncup Whiskey

Name: Tincup American Whiskey

ABV: 42%

Proof: 84

Notes: On the nose Tincup has a delicious spicy aroma with some strong notes of cinnamon, anise, and allspice. At first sip I was greeted with warm cinnamon and pepper flavors as well as some bold rye, vanilla, and oak flavors. The mouthfeel with Tincup is noticeably thick and the spice is definitely noticeable with an excellent burn to accompany it. The finish is long, with cinnamon, cloves, and anise flavors that linger for just the right amount of time. Tincup made me tilt the glass to make sure I got every last drop and left me wanting more. The high rye content in Tincup provides some excellent spicy flavors. I tried Tincup neat and with a splash and I enjoyed it best neat. This was one of the better whiskeys I’ve had lately and it really was just a match for my tastes. Tincup retails for around $27 and it is well worth it in my opinion.

History: It is named for Tincup, an old mining town in Gunnison County, Colorado and the top of the bottle is an actual tin cup, which seems like a novelty item, but it is interesting and can be quite useful. Tincup is made in Indiana and then shipped to Colorado where it is cut with local water and bottled at the Stranahan’s plant.




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