Jefferson’s Review

Jefferson's  Our Rating: 85%

Name: Jefferson’s

Bottled By: McLaine & Kyne

ABV: 46.5%

Proof: 93

Age: 8-12 Years

Notes:  Jefferson’s has a very light scent of wood and vanilla, you really have to pull the scent out of this one. The taste is not much stronger but you can detect some oak, caramel, and citrus. The citrus note is very faint but it is present. The finish is short and very dry. This bourbon is fairly smooth and has a great consistency. We enjoy this bourbon with a splash of water. Jefferson’s is a decent bourbon for the price and is usually around $20 dollars. Overall, it is another great bourbon for the beginner who is starting to acquire a taste for bourbon.

History: Jefferson’s Bourbon is a collection of small batch bourbons produced by blending a selection of barrels of various ages. Founded over 15 years ago by Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a well-known bourbon historian, Jefferson’s Bourbon plays homage to one of the country’s most complex founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. There are four products that make up Jefferson’s Bourbon core-range portfolio: Jefferson’s Bourbon, Jefferson’s Reserve, Jefferson’s Presidential Select, and Jefferson’s Rye.

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