Bird Dog Bourbon Review

Bird Dog Bourbon

Name: Bird Dog Bourbon Whiskey

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Notes: On the nose Bird Dog Bourbon has a light wood aroma with a strong alcohol scent. On the palate there isn’t much going on here besides some light grain flavors with a faint trace of honey and maple syrup. The finish is short with the same flavors from above and a slight burn. The mouthfeel with this whiskey is very thin and the flavors tasted artificial. I tried this whiskey neat, on the rocks, with a splash, and in a cocktail. For me, I enjoyed it best in a cocktail. Overall, I was not too impressed with this whiskey, but I did enjoy the cocktail I made with it. I have heard from others that they really enjoyed it but it was not a match for my tastes. The bottle does have a very nice appearance though and features a nice picture of a dog. Bird Dog also comes in flavors such as peach, maple, blackberry, and hot cinnamon. 

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9 thoughts on “Bird Dog Bourbon Review

  1. I bought it specifically because I liked the dog on the label and because I was nearly broke at the time. I ended up putting it out at a house party for my wife’s friends (who don’t know any better).

    1. This. 100% this. It’s possible you might like this “whiskey” if you think mad dog 20/20 is a fine wine.

  2. I got it from a friend as a thank you for helping him weld something up. I had 2 bird dog and cokes with it. It now resides in the wet bar awaiting some poor unsuspecting soul to pour it into a glass.

    I’ll stick to my Crown Reserve.

  3. Knob Creek smoked maple bourbon is best…. But I put some bird dog maple whiskey in my hot apple cider on a cold Connecticut night & it warned me up.

    1. That does sound good on a cold night.

  4. Bird dog bourbon has been a favorite of mine for over two years. If you can’t afford top shelf like myself, this is your drink. Better than wild turkey, Jim beam, or Jack Daniels. Good bourbon at a good price.

  5. bird dog chocolate whiskey is awesome in a cocktail. found it by surprise and after getting it i was pleasantly surprised! fun whiskey to tell friends about and spread the. kseveral bottles on hand for parties.

    1. I’ve not had the chocolate. I generally don’t have a taste for flavored whiskey but I may give this a try and keep some on hand for guests.

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