Bushel & Barrel Review

Bushel & Barrel Review

Name: Bushel & Barrel

Bottled By: If available

ABV: 30%

Proof: 60

Notes: On the nose Bushel & Barrel has a dominant and straightforward apple aroma. At first sip you can really taste the apple-flavored liqueur, which is the strongest flavor. There are some cinnamon and mulling spice flavors as well with some wood flavors on the back end. I didn’t notice the bourbon flavor as much as I would have liked, you could tell there was some whiskey present but I would have enjoyed more of a balance between the flavors. The finish was short, very sweet, and filled with the same apple liqueur and cinnamon flavors. There is a bit of a syrup aftertaste which I didn’t enjoy but it quickly fades. I tried Bushel & Barrel on the rocks at first when I wrote my review. I also decided to use Bushel & Barrel in some cocktails and made an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan. I enjoyed it much better in a cocktail as it mellowed out the apple flavor quite a bit but still added a unique taste to the cocktail. Overall, I would definitely like to experiment more with making different cocktails with this one. I am not a fan of flavored whiskey and rarely try it but I did enjoy this one in a cocktail. When used in a cocktail the apple flavor is just noticeable enough to give the drink a unique taste. I have to say I couldn’t stop thinking about fall and Christmas when I was trying this, which if you’ve tried this I’m sure you had similar thoughts.

History: Founded in Haselünne, Germany in 1758 by Johann Bernhard Berentzen as a small local grain distillery, the House of Berentzen has expanded into a supplier of global brands providing centuries of know-how and closely monitored production guaranteeing the unique quality in each and every bottle for over 250 years. Bushel & Barrel is the combination of two time-honored crafts. Berentzen sourced Straight Kentucky Bourbon, distilled and aged to specification, and mingled it with authentic Berentzen liqueur to provide an artfully crafted and carefully matured spirit of two great traditional flavors.

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