Wild Turkey Spiced Review


Name: Wild Turkey Spiced

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Nose: Spicy & Sweet, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Alcohol

Palate: Sugar, Cinnamon, Clove, Anise, Caramel, Vanilla, Oak, Cherries, Tobacco

Finish: Short & Spicy a ginger aftertaste

Overall: I will start off by saying this one just wasn’t for me. I rarely drink flavored whiskey but for some reason lately I’ve been seeking them out to try and review. In doing so it is really making me turn against the market. This whiskey was too sweet and although there was a lot of spice it wasn’t able to balance out the almost overwhelming sugar flavor. The flavors of this whiskey reminded me of drinking a Dr. Pepper with a slight alcohol burn. The finish was short and had a distinctive ginger aftertaste. Overall, I just wasn’t a fan of this whiskey, I sipped it neat and in a cocktail, and it wasn’t for me. This is the first Wild Turkey product I’ve tried that I have not enjoyed. I am a huge fan of their products, especially Rare Breed and Wild Turkey 101, which is my top choice for 5 bourbons under $30. Wild Turkey Spiced is a product in a market that I just don’t think is worth chasing for at this point. I would still recommend trying it if you are a fan of flavored whiskey, you never know which whiskey will be a perfect match for you.

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