Four Roses Yellow Label Review

Four Roses Yellow Label Our Rating: 83%
Four Roses Yellow Label

Name: Four Roses Yellow

Bottled By: Four Roses Distillery

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Age: Unknown

Notes: Our nose detects some toffee and caramel in Four Roses Yellow. Upon first sip we tasted some vanilla along with a sweet corn taste which mellowed out and in came a slight caramel taste. The finish is rather long with a spicy cinnamon taste with some slight oak flavor. Four Roses Yellow label is value bourbon and most likely used as a mixer by many. We tried ours on the rocks and with a splash. We enjoyed it best on the rocks.

Price: This bourbon is priced fairly low and should be available most places at well under $20 dollars.

History: The brand was introduced by the Frankfurt Distilling Company and was purchased by Seagram in 1943. Four Roses brand was a top seller for many years until being discontinued in the US at the end of the 1950’s. Four Roses was then marketed in other countries and became a top seller there. Four Roses continued to be unavailable in the US for more than 40 years until the brand ownership was changed again in 2002, when Seagram was purchased by Vivendi who sold most of its brands to Diageo which sold the Four Roses brand to Kirin. The master distiller at four roses is Jim Rutledge who has held this title since 1995.

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2 thoughts on “Four Roses Yellow Label Review

  1. One of the best all-around Bourbons on the market. I suggest this one to any person interested in trying Bourbon for the first time. I keep a bottle on my bar always. It’s a great one for that impromptu guest on a Tuesday night. CHEERS!

    1. I agree, thanks for the comment.

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