Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Review


Name: Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

ABV: 35%

Proof: 70

Nose: Cinnamon, Clove, Fire Ball Candy

Palate: Sugar, Cinnamon Candy, Vanilla, and Oak

Finish: Short, Base Whiskey Taste with Cinnamon and Sugar

Overall: Cinnamon whiskey is a popular choice nowadays. This whiskey was provided to me for review and one I probably wouldn’t have discovered on my own. It is filled with cinnamon and very sweet, but not overly sweet. I remember getting those little atomic fireball hard candies when I was a kid from the bulk bins at the store and this reminded me those. There was a slight base whiskey flavor at the end and some subtle Jim Beam flavor throughout but just as you would expect this was cinnamon all the way. I expected a bit more heat from the title but there wasn’t much and it is definitely a low proof whiskey. Overall, I could see this being a hit for folks that enjoy flavored whiskeys but they just aren’t for me. If you enjoy flavored whiskey and cinnamon candy then you probably couldn’t go wrong with this. Jim Beam Kentucky Fire retails for around $15 a bottle.

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