Famous Grouse Review


Name: Famous Grouse

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Nose: Crisp and clean, notes of apple, wheat, apricot, tobacco

Palate: Malt, smoke, grains, apricot, cinnamon, peppers

Finish: Moderate, sweet with notes of malts and dried fruit

Overall: Most folks associate this whiskey with Christmas, mostly due to the advertising this spirit used to receive that time of year, but also with gifts they give or receive. No matter what time of year, Famous Grouse is a great choice for an everyday blended scotch. Famous Grouse is a simple, straightforward blended whiskey, which has a unique flavor and great finish. I tried this one neat, on the rocks, and with a splash and this one is best suited on the rocks. Overall, Famous Grouse is not one that is going to impress the serious scotch drinker, but it is a solid choice if you want a unique tasting, budget friendly blended scotch. I generally reach for Famous Grouse over Johnny Walker Red and Black Labels.

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