Whipper Snapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey Review

Whipper Snapper Our Rating: 88%
Whipper Snapper

Name: Whipper Snapper

Bottled By:

ABV: 42%

Proof: 84

Age: 6 months – 2 years

Notes: Whipper Snapper has a strong taste of grains and corn with a little malt. There is a hint of caramel and butterscotch but not much. The finish is rather short with a slight caramel taste but the grain taste is overpowering. This is a very young whiskey and the taste shows it. We wish this whiskey would spend more time in the barrel. It is good and a nice taste but it will most likely leave you reaching for something else. We enjoyed ours neat.

Price: Can be purchased in the low $30’s which seems a bit much for what you are getting with this one.

History: The first part is made from barley that is malted in the Pacific Northwest, and unmalted barley grown in the Willamette valley of Oregon. This barley is ground, mashed, fermented and distilled on location at the distillery in Sheridan, Oregon. The second part is made by using a base of Kentucky corn whitedog, which we obsessively re-distill in an alembic pot still. Extremely selective cuts are made at the condenser, and only the “heart of the hearts” is kept for aging and bottling. The remainder is discarded. Aging takes place in a variety of barrels, including used French coopered pinot noir barrels, new American coopered whiskey barrels, and used American whiskey barrels. The whippersnapper is aged for between six months and two years, with an average time of about one year. For each bottling, eight barrels are specifically selected to make the best possible blend.  Whippersnapper is then hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand waxed. Meticulous attention is paid to achieving perfection both in the bottle and out.

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