Blackback White Grain Whiskey Review


Name: Blackback White Grain Whiskey

ABV: 45%

Proof: 90

Nose: Sweet corn, grain, barley, Cedar

Palate: Sweet corn, citrus fruits, cherries

Finish: Short, smooth, and filled with a very sweet corn flavor

Overall: Recently we were out exploring some of the local breweries and discovered Silverback Distillery. We stopped in and sample some Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey. We purchased a bottle of Blackback White Grain Whiskey and decided to write a full review. This is the same whiskey that the nice folks at Silverback are aging for their bourbon. This is a straightforward and simple grain whiskey that has a genuine sweet corn flavor. Sweet corn is the prominent flavor with citrus fruits and cherries throughout. The finish is short with plenty of corn flavor and very smooth. This is a good grain whiskey. The flavors are simple, not complex by any means. I tried it neat and in a cocktail and I enjoyed it best in a cocktail. I experimented quite a bit with a few recipes and I enjoyed it in all of them. I am very interested in tasting this whiskey when it is aged a bit. I think it is going to make a good bourbon. If you’re in the area, stop in and check out Silverback Distillery, they are on the right track and crafting some good products.


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One thought on “Blackback White Grain Whiskey Review

  1. Silverback is a great place and your gin is one of the best I have ever tasted. My wonderful girlfriend brought me as a Christmas gift last year and I still think of what an original gift it was! I am still purchasing your gin and asking ABC stores not carrying your gin to please try it.

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