Onyx Secret Stash Reserve Review

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Name: Onyx Secret Stash Reserve

ABV: 41.5%

Proof: 83

Nose: Vanilla, Caramel, Maple Syrup

Palate: Molasses, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Cherries, Nutmeg

Finish: Moderate and smooth with some cherry and almond flavors.

Overall: On the nose Onyx Secret Stash has a rich vanilla aroma with some notes of caramel and maple syrup. The deep flavors of molasses, maple syrup, and vanilla seem to play well with the tart cherries and spicy nutmeg flavors. The finish is moderate with some more tart cherry flavors and almonds. The mouthfeel of this whiskey felt thicker than most and I enjoyed that especially since the overall flavors reminded me of eating dessert. Secret Stash is a very smooth easy sipping whiskey with absolutely no burn. The flavors seemed authentic and not artificial which is one of the qualities I enjoyed most about this whiskey. I tried this neat, with a splash, and in a cocktail and I enjoyed it best neat. There are a great deal of cocktail options with this whiskey given the rich flavors throughout. After trying this whiskey, it leaves no doubt what a little time in a barrel can do. Overall, this is a delicious whiskey and one that I plan on keeping on hand.

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I tried this whiskey a second time after getting a cigar recommendation and it was equally as good but the cigar brought out some more of the rich flavors. The Macanudo Cafe Court Cigar is a great compliment to this whiskey. It is a mild cigar with a light Connecticut wrapper a smooth creamy taste.


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