Virgil Kaine Ginger Infused Bourbon Review


Name: Virgil Kaine Ginger Infused Bourbon

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Nose: Fresh Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla

Palate: Ginger Beer, Wood, Vanilla

Finish: Moderate with spicy ginger flavors that slowly fades away.

Overall: Virgil Kaine Ginger Infused Bourbon begins with the aroma of fresh ginger with slight notes of cinnamon and vanilla. On the palate the ginger flavor is the main flavor I tasted. It tasted authentic, more like a ginger beer (the stronger ginger ales) and not the ginger ales we are used to here on the soda aisles. There is a light wood and vanilla flavor with this whiskey but the ginger flavor can overpower them at times. The finish is moderate and spicy with a ginger flavor that slowly fades away and leaves a pleasant aftertaste behind. I am not much of a flavored whiskey fan but I did enjoy this ginger whiskey. Most likely because I do enjoy stronger ginger beers (sodas) and it tasted very similar. I tried this simply on the rocks and it was refreshing and enjoyable. I would have liked some more of the bourbon flavors to shine through. If you enjoy ginger ale and whiskey or flavored whiskies, this would be a good choice for you. Overall, this is a alright flavored whiskey. You can pick this whiskey up for around $25-$32 per bottle but in my opinion flavored whiskey should be a bit lower priced than other whiskey.

History: Virgil Kaine spirits are crafted in Charleston, South Carolina and inspired by flavor first. As chefs, we are guided by our years in the kitchen and apply our culinary know-how to each of our unique whiskeys. What sets Virgil Kaine apart is this chef-driven approach to whiskey making and a passion for always sourcing the finest whiskey and the highest quality ingredients.

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