Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

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Name: Hudson Baby Bourbon

Bottled By: Tuthilltown Spirits

ABV: 46%

Proof: 92 proof

Age: 3 Months

Notes: Hudson Baby Bourbon has a pleasant vanilla scent with slight corn in the background. At first sip you will notice a sweet vanilla and corn taste with some ginger and oak. This bourbon has a nice bite to it. The finish is long, sweet, and spicy. As the name suggest this is a young bourbon and we generally are not a huge fan of these, but this one has an amazing taste. This is an excellent bourbon that deserves a spot on any bourbon enthusiasts shelf. Hudson Baby Bourbon will be enjoyed best neat.

Price: Hudson Baby Bourbon is available at most places for around $50 dollars for 375 ml.

History: Hudson Baby Bourbon is produced by Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner, New York. Hudson Baby Bourbon is double distilled and aged in 3 gallon casks for 3 months. It is made with 100% New York Grown corn.

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