Wild Turkey 101 Review

Wild Turkey 101 Our Rating: 89%
Wild Turkey 101

Name: Wild Turkey 101

Bottled By: Austin Nichols Distilling Co.

ABV: 50.5

Proof: 101

Age: 6-8 Years

Notes: On the nose you will get vanilla, oak, and rye. At first we definitely noticed the rye with a slight vanilla and caramel taste which will fade allowing a sweet and spicy honey taste. The finish is spicy with oak, nuts, honey and the perfect amount of burn that quickly gives way to nice long warmth. Wild Turkey 101 is great bourbon. The rye is definitely prominent with this one. Wild Turkey 101 has quickly become an everyday bourbon for us due to the great taste, availability, and price. Due to the rising prices of some bourbons recently, I consider this a great value bourbon.

Price: Available at most places for under $20 dollars for 750 ml.

History: Wild Turkey is a brand of bourbon whiskey distilled and bottles by the Austin Nichols division of Campari Group. The distillery is located near Lawrenceburg, KY.

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