Evan William’s Black Review

Evan Williams Black Label Our Rating: 70%
Evan Williams Black Label

Name: Evan William’s Black Label

Bottled By: Heaven Hill

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Age: 5-7 Years

Notes: Evan William’s Black Label has a very sweet scent to it. There is a slight wood and vanilla taste with this one but it is very faint. You can really taste the alcohol in this. The finish is short and easily forgotten. This is a value bourbon that is well under the $20 dollar mark. Evan William’s Black Label would be best enjoyed in a cocktail.

History: Evan William’s Black Label is bottled Bardstown, Kentucky by Heaven Hill Distillery. Evan William’s began distilling whiskey in Kentucky in 1783 after emigrating from Wales. As of June 2010 Evan Williams is the second largest selling Kentucky bourbon.

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