Crank & Boom Bourbon & Honey Ice Cream Review


Bourbon & Honey Ice Cream by Crank & Boom

Article written by Paul Martin

Bourbon and ice cream are two of my favorite things. When I first heard about a combination of the two, I considered the possibility that eating it may cause me to explode in pure ecstasy. Yet, here I am, no explosions and a few pounds heavier, writing this review. The truth is I have been disappointed by most bourbon ice creams. Half-eaten pints are typically exiled to the depths of my freezer, where they accumulate frost until I discard them months later.

Fortunately, Crank & Boom, a craft ice cream company in Lexington, Kentucky, finally did this duo justice with their Bourbon & Honey ice cream. C&B uses high-quality, local products, and this ice cream is no exception. The classic flavor profile of Buffalo Trace makes it a perfect choice. Its rich, oaky sweetness is prominent but not overpowering. Honey and brown sugar are subtle but recognizable. Although not in the ingredients, I got a taste of milk chocolate. The texture is ultra smooth, which allows me to “chew” the ice cream just as I would a mouthful of bourbon.

I am biased, but I don’t think you have to love bourbon to enjoy this ice cream. I chose to eat this ice cream “neat,” you could top it with honey, chocolate, or bourbon to suit your palate.

Ultimately, I am grateful to Crank & Boom. Honey & Bourbon didn’t make me explode, but it won’t be banished to the back of my freezer, either. I am excited to see what bourbon flavored offerings they create next.

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