Old Hickory White Label Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Name: Old Hickory White Label Straight Bourbon Whiskey

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Nose: Oak, Honey, Cinnamon

Palate: Ginger, Vanilla, Honey, Nutmeg

Finish: Short with a light oak and vanilla flavor that lingers slightly before fading.

Overall: On the nose there are aromas of oak, honey, and cinnamon. At first sip I was greeted with a spicy ginger flavor and smooth vanilla. On the back end are more sweet and spicy flavors of honey and nutmeg. The finish is short and light with oak and vanilla being the prominent flavors which fade moderately. I enjoyed Old Hickory White Label more than I did the black label. The flavors seemed to stand out a bit more which I liked and there was some spice to it. Overall, like the black label, this is a very smooth whiskey with no burn or bite. I tried this neat, on the rocks, and in a cocktail and enjoyed it best on the rocks or in a cocktail. This whiskey set would be great for beginners. Like the black label, this whiskey is smooth, not complex, and has no burn. Although not complex this is a step up in proof and flavor from the black label making this an alright choice for beginners. A bottle of Old Hickory White Label goes for $30 – $40 and would be a great choice for someone just finding their taste for drinking bourbon.

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