Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon Review

Wild Turkey American Honey Our Rating: 77%
Wild Turkey American Honey

Name: Wild Turkey American Honey

Bottled By: Austin Nichols

ABV: 35.5%

Proof: 71

Age: 6-8 Years

Notes:  Wild Turkey American Honey has a light scent of bourbon, honey, and vanilla. At first sip you can taste the honey and vanilla with a slight alcohol taste. This is a very sweet tasting bourbon. The finish is rather short with the same vanilla and honey taste and has minimal burn. I am a big fan of Wild Turkey as a budget bourbon. Wild Turkey 101 is my go to bourbon when I am looking for a value bourbon. This is a good bourbon but for a few dollars more I think Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey provides a better honey bourbon. We enjoyed this one best on the rocks.

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