Blood Oath Pact No. 2 Bourbon Review


Name: Blood Oath Pact No. 2 Bourbon

ABV: 49.3%

Proof: 98.6

Nose: Vanilla, Oak, Maple, and Fig

Palate: Rye, Cedar, Tobacco, Vanilla, and Pecans

Finish: Long finish with a dry pecan flavor that slowly fades away

Overall: Blood Oath Pact No. 2 Bourbon is a blend of 3 bourbons, a rye mash bill bourbon, a wheated bourbon, and a port barrel finished bourbon. On the nose there is a light vanilla and dry oak aroma with a sweet maple syrup scent with a subtle fig aroma on the back end. At first sip I was able to taste the rye up front, which was very noticeable. As the prominent rye flavor faded I could taste cedar, vanilla, tobacco, and a dry pecan flavor. The finish was long and dry with a similar pecan flavor but stronger with a bit more dryness and spice. I tried this bourbon neat and with a splash and enjoyed it best neat. Adding a splash seemed to dull the flavors down too much. I really enjoyed this whiskey as I did pact 1. The flavor profile is unique and the 3 different bourbons that go into making this create a one of a kind bourbon. The price point is a bit high considering this is a blended bourbon but this is a solid tasting bourbon. If you have a chance to try it, I would recommend giving it a try. If you are looking to pick a bottle up you will want to act fast as this is going to be available in limited quantities.




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