Barrell Bourbon Batch 006 Review


Name: Barrell Bourbon Batch 006

ABV: 61.45%

Proof: 122.9

Nose: Apple Pie, Cinnamon, Figs, Cardamom

Palate: Light Corn, Brown Sugar, Apples, Cedar,

Finish: Moderate with orange and oak flavors that slowly fade to a lingering butterscotch flavor.

Overall: This review is specifically for Barrell Bourbon batch number 006 bottle number 1872 pictured above. On the nose there is a simple apple pie aroma with some notes of cinnamon and fresh figs with a slight hint of cardamom. At first sip you immediately notice the smooth light corn and brown sugar flavors. These have a thick mouthfeel and the flavors are light but pure in taste.  There is a tart apple flavor with a slight dry hint of cedar. The finish is moderate with a burst of orange and oak flavors that slowly fade to a lingering butterscotch flavor.
The flavors of this whiskey are simple and light but pure in their presence and taste. Overall, this is another delicious whiskey with a unique flavor profile. Although these whiskies are higher in proof they are extremely smooth and have little burn to them. Barrell Bourbon Batch 006 is aged 8 years. Adding a splash of water brings out a bit more fruit flavors, mainly citrus, and is a welcomed addition when sipping. I enjoyed this whiskey best neat or with a splash. Barrell Bourbons have quickly become some of my favorite whiskies and ones that we have been sharing with our friends and family anytime we get the chance. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying these whiskies pick them up and give them a pour.

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