Blanton’s Single Barrel Select, Quality Liquor Store Review


Name: Blanton’s Single Barrel Select, Quality Liquor Store, Barrel #93 of 228

ABV: 46.5%

Proof: 93

Nose: Honey, Caramel, Maple Syrup,

Palate: Wildflower Honey, Oak, Butterscotch, Citrus Fruits

Finish: Long and smooth with citrus notes and creamy toffee and rich chocolate flavors. Slight burn before it fades.

Overall: On the nose I was greeted with a distinct honey aroma with rich caramel and maple syrup notes. At first sip there was a burst of wildflower honey which continued to be prominent throughout. Dry oak, butterscotch, and citrus flavors play well together and with the strong honey flavor which was always present. The flavors are authentic and the whiskey smooth with an excellent mouthfeel. The finish was long, smooth with citrus being the main flavor with toffee and chocolate flavors which slowly fade away. There is a slight burn as the whiskey fades which I really enjoyed. Overall, this was a delicious whiskey and the honey flavor was a welcomed change from the normal profiles. I enjoyed this Blanton’s expression neat. This whiskey was provided to us for review by Quality Liquor Store and although it was provided for us to review, we maintained full control over our review. Below is the information on how they selected there custom barrel.

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History: Quality Liquor Store secured several barrel samples from Blanton’s distillery and invited (for 2016 two groups) a group of individuals to join their tasting panel. Members of their panel came from amongst their own store personnel, as well as unaffiliated industry veterans and certified spirit specialists. They brought these people together over several occasions and they undertook a series of carefully monitored blind-taste tests. Their panel made their selection and those individual choices were unanimous.

On or around April 7th, 2016 barrel (09-F-09-H-4-15-093) was bottled. At 93 proof, each rare and precious bottle of Blanton’s For Quality Liquor Store is hand labeled and individually numbered from #1 – #228.

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