Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon Review


Name: Old Grand-Dad Bonded

ABV: 50%

Proof: 100

Nose: Caramel, Vanilla, Grain

Palate: Caramel, Oak, Light Grain

Finish: Long with a slight burn and flavors of light grain, caramel, and vanilla

Overall: On the nose I was greeted with rich caramel and vanilla aromas and a light grain aroma. At first sip there was a rich caramel flavor upfront which I expected from the aroma of the bourbon followed by a dry oak and light grain flavor. The finish was long with light grain flavors upfront which slowly faded to sweet caramel and vanilla flavors and slight burn on the backend. This whiskey was simple and straightforward with the flavors. I tried this whiskey neat, on the rocks, and in a cocktail and all were enjoyable. Old Grand-Dad Bonded is a budget bourbon coming in a under $20 and for the quality of the whiskey, it is priced right in my opinion. This whiskey is one that will most likely fill the shelf of many and become a go to daily drinker and for good reason as this is excellent bourbon at a low price point.


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