Four Roses Elliott’s Select Review

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Name: Four Roses Elliott’s Select

ABV: 58.4%

Proof: 116.8

Nose: Fresh Peaches, Lilac, Oak,

Palate: Peaches, Honey, Lavender, Cloves

Finish: Long and spicy, with sweet flavors of honey and fresh fruits and a nice deep burn that lingers

Overall: On the nose I was greeted with the aroma fresh peaches, floral notes with lilac being most prominent, and a light oak aroma. At first sip I could taste fresh peaches and honey up front, with more floral notes, this time of lavender and a spicy clove flavor on the backend. The floral notes in this whiskey are a first for me and they seem to play well with the aroma and flavors of the peaches. The finish is long and spicy with sweet flavors of honey and fresh fruits, mainly apricots and peaches, a barely noticeable floral flavor, and a deep burn that will continue for a while. The burn with this whiskey was much appreciated as lately we’ve seen some mellow barrel strength bourbons. This is definitely a unique whiskey, the floral flavors and fresh fruits seem to take this one to a whole other lever. I sipped this one neat and never had a desire to try it any other way. Four Roses Elliott’s Select is limited to 8,000 bottles, aged 14 years, and personally selected by Brent Elliott, who assumed the post of master distiller in September 2015. The price for a bottle will run you around $125 dollars. I’ve been sipping on it for a few days and it’s hard to put down. It is a complex whiskey that stands out from the crowd with a nice flavor profile and equally nice burn. Is it worth $125 a bottle? Generally, I don’t make many purchases in this price range but after having a bottle of this to sample, I would purchase one if I see one on the shelf. 

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