Barrell Bourbon Batch 010 Review

Name: Barrell Bourbon Batch 010

ABV: 61.0%

Proof: 122.0

Nose: Dried Fruit, Apricots, Grains, Pine

Palate: Fruit, Oak, Honey, and Pecans

Finish: Dry with oak and almonds and apricots

Overall: This review is specifically for Barrell Bourbon batch number 010 bottle number 2296 pictured above. On the nose I was greeted with an aroma of dried fruit, mainly apricots, and some hints of toasted grains and a crisp pine aroma. At first sip I got a quick burst of fruit flavors, peaches, and apricots followed by some dry oak with honey and pecans, sweet like the southern style pecan pie. The finish was dry with an oak flavor and hints of almonds and apricots started to come through as the flavor lingered. I tried this with a splash and neat but enjoyed it best with a splash. Adding a splash of water seemed to mellow out the higher proof although it never had too much burn to begin with. I enjoyed batch 010 more than some of the other expressions I’ve had from Barrell and thought it was another solid offering from their lineup. Barrell Bourbon Batch 010 is distilled in Indiana and aged in Michigan. It is aged for 8 years in American white oak barrels and has a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% malted barley.

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