Bourbon & Oak was started in April 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia with the simple idea of helping others learn about bourbon whiskey. What started with a few reviews and fewer visitors quickly began to grow. We continued to focus on writing reviews and also sharing the latest in gear, gadgets, and news; all of which focused around whiskey. As we strived to post to our site on a daily basis we started to see a small community beginning to emerge. We have always focused on slow but steady growth and taking the time to get to know our followers on an individual level.

In 2014 we re-located the site to the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in the great state of Virginia. It was around this time that we launched our official online store and began offering the same products we use in our office each and every day. In 2015 we launched our official Bourbon & Oak App, which is available on iOS and Android devices as well as The Oak Guide which is our official magazine.

Today our small community continues to grow at a steady pace and we still take the humble approach and focus on learning as much as we can about bourbon and the craftsmanship we love so much. We continue to take time to talk one on one with our followers who reach out to us which is one of our favorite aspects of running the site. As we look towards the future we continue to look for ways to make the site the best it can be. We invite you sit back, relax, and explore our pages. We hope you enjoy reading our site as much as we enjoy working on it.

As always,

There is no site more grateful to have you as our friend than Bourbon & Oak. We really enjoy each and every one of our followers and the great support and conversation we have. As always, we thank you for your support and we will continue to strive to make Bourbon & Oak the best it can be. Cheers!

-Bourbon & Oak



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