Morning Report, Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


Gear: Take your bar skills and tools with you wherever you go with the W&P Cocktail Kit. Kit Includes: The W&P Canvas + Leather Mason Bag, The Mason Shaker, One W&P Muddler (10 in), One W&P Jigger (0.75 0z / 1.5 oz), Two W&P Linen Cocktail Napkins, and Two W&P Cocktail Coupes (5.5 oz). Get one here.

News: Bourbon Production Reaches High Point Since ’70s. In a business where patience is part of the process, Kentucky bourbon makers are making a big bet by stashing away their largest stockpiles in more than a generation. To put it in bartenders’ lingo: Distillers are putting up the tab for millions of rounds of bourbon years before they are even ordered. The production poses an inherent risk, but hitting the moment right — a big supply meshing with big demand — could mean a serious payday for companies big and small. Full article here.


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Bourbon & Oak will be relocating beginning on August 1st, 2014. In addition to this relocation, we will also be undergoing some general site maintenance and updates. We are looking forward to picking up right where we left off as soon as we return. Thank you in advance for your support on this and we look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers everyone!

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More Pappy Van Winkle In the Near Future

Julian Van Winkle says they are putting away a lot more bourbon now and in a few years should have a lot more available to sell. They have no plans to extend the line or change their formula, though. “We are sticking with these ages,” Van Winkle said. “Nothing’s going to change except more production.” This is great news for the fans of the bourbon, since it is very difficult to get your hands on a bottle. Click here to read the full article.

Diageo Announces Restoration Project

Diageo announced plans to invest an initial $2 million to develop a visitor center at the historic Stitzel-Wetzel distillery. The company is planning a  renovation of the original administrative building to bring to life the history of the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. The Visitor Center will feature multiple brands from Diageo’s evolving craft whiskey portfolio, including Orphan Barrel whiskeys, Barterhouse and Old Blowhard, which we featured on our site last week. Diageo will begin this project immediately and hopes to complete the first phase in time for the Derby this May.