January 2014 Whiskey of the Month

January 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Angel’s Envy  has been selected as our January 2014 Whiskey of the Month. Angel’s Envy was our top searched for whiskey during the month of December. Please see our full review below.

Angel's Envy Our Rating: 92%
Angel’s Envy
Our Rating: 92%

Name: Angel’s Envy

Bottled By: Louisville Distilling Company

ABV: 43.3%

Proof: 86.6

Age: up to 6 years

Our Rating: 92%

Notes: Angel’s Envy has a typical bourbon smell with lots of oak, walnuts, and vanilla. It has a spicy taste with some corn and vanilla flavors up front with some wine flavors on the back end. The finish is long with noticeable fruit flavors and a bit of dry oak. Angel’s Envy is good bourbon that will be a great fit in any collection. We tried Angel’s Envy several ways but prefer this one neat.

Price: Angel’s Envy can be purchased for around $40 dollars.

History: Angel’s Envy was created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson. Angel’s Envy is begins in Kentucky where they use mineral-rich Kentucky limestone water and locally sourced grains. Angel’s Envy is placed in hand-selected American white oak barrels for a minimum of four years. Once the bourbon is deemed ready, it is placed in Port wine barrels for an additional 3 – 6 months.

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