Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic & Grenadine Reviews

Jack Rudy

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I had the pleasure of trying two products from the Jack Rudy Cocktail Company this week. The Small Batch Tonic was delicious. I made two cocktails with it. I selected and made two recipes from their site. The first was the KY 75 and it was great. I had some Champagne left over from Christmas and used that to make this cocktail. The second drink I made was a Gin & Tonic. I will have to say this was the best Gin & Tonic I have ever had. It was absolutely delicious. The Jack Rudy Tonic has such a great flavor with the oranges and lemongrass it truly makes a great cocktail. I also tried the Small Batch Grenadine which was also very enjoyable. I tried the Red, White, and Blue which is another recipe listed on their site. It was also very good. I’m not a cocktail guy, I generally stick to beer and whiskey, but I do entertain quite often, and I’ve been wanting to try these and keep them on hand for when I have guests over. If you are a cocktail drinker and use the regular stuff you find at the store, give these a try, and see what you think. These are quality products that definitely make great cocktails.

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