Bender's Rye Review

Bender's Rye

Name: Bender’s Rye

Bottled By: The Treasure Island Distillery

ABV: 48%

Proof: 96

Age: 7 Years

Notes: On the nose Bender’s Rye has a light vanilla aroma. On the palate, a light honey and vanilla flavor quickly moves to a dry rye, with spicy cinnamon and fresh mint flavors. The sweet flavors balance this whiskey and keep it from getting to spicy. The finish is moderate and light with roasted corn and fresh mint leaf flavors. I tried Bender’s Rye neat and with a splash and adding a splash really brought out the flavors. I was torn when I first tried it because it seemed to lack a great deal of flavor but after letting it open it up a bit with a splash of water, I was impressed with the flavors of Bender’s. This is a good whiskey and one that I would recommend to a friend. I would definitely recommend letting this whiskey open up a bit before trying it. For around $45 dollars a bottle, it’s not one that will break the bank.

History: Bender’s officially launched in 2013 on San Francisco’s, Treasure Island in Northern California. Born of the collaborative efforts of two individuals with a love for whiskey. Bender’s Rye has a mash bill of 85% rye and 15% corn and is aged for 7 years in virgin charred American white oak barrels. This bottle is from batch one, only 3,248 bottles were produced. The next batch will be slightly different with more corn and older corn.

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