Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Review


Name: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

ABV: 47%

Proof: 94

Age: N/A

Notes: On the nose Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel has a smoky brown sugar and honey aroma. At first sip, I was greeted with a dry oak flavor with some slight notes of citrus, vanilla, sea salt, and sweet corn. The finish is rather long with lots of alcohol and a slight burn with notes of vanilla, corn, leather, and almonds. I enjoyed Jack Daniel’s single barrel. It has a very noticeable dry taste and I know a lot of folks that don’t like it because of that. There are some great flavors with this one but there is a strong alcohol taste that I didn’t enjoy all that much. I feel it took away from the other flavors a bit too much but I was able to mellow it a bit by adding a splash of water. Overall, this is a good whiskey and one that I would recommend to a friend. I tried Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel neat and with a splash and adding the splash mellowed the alcohol taste slightly and allowed me to focus more on the other flavors. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is available for around $50 a bottle a most places.

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