Lexington Bourbon Review

Lexington Bourbon Our Rating: 82%
Lexington Bourbon

Name: Lexington Bourbon

Bottled By: N/A

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Age: N/A

Notes: On the nose Lexington has a slight vanilla aroma. At first sip you can taste some rye with a slight corn taste which quickly fades, allowing a slight spicy vanilla flavor to move in. The finish is rather short with a light vanilla taste. We tried Lexington for the first time a few months back and let the bottle open up a bit before completing our review. Overall, we were not really impressed with this one. It has a thin consistency and what little taste it has seems very artificial. We tried this one neat and on the rocks and it was enjoyed best on the rocks. If you’ve tried Lexington, please let us know your thoughts.

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