Orphan Barrel Gifted Horse Bourbon Review


Name: The Gifted Horse

ABV: 57.5%

Proof: 115

Nose: Cinnamon, Pear, Apple Cider

Palate: Pear, Cloves, Almonds, Vanilla

Finish: Short with fruit notes up front which fade quickly to a mild spicy flavor with a slight burn

Overall: On the nose I was greeted with some distinctive cinnamon, pear, and apple cider aromas. At first sip I could taste the pear flavor up front with hints of cloves which gave it a nice spice, almond and vanilla flavors provided a nice sweetness to the whiskey and helped balance out the spice from the cloves. The finish was short, fruit notes were prominent up front but quickly faded to a light spice flavor and a slight burn. The flavors with this one were a bit interesting. Definitely not what I was expecting but enjoyable. I poured this neat and with a splash and enjoyed it best neat. The Gifted Horse is made up of a 17-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon, a four-year-old bourbon, and a four-year-old corn whiskey. This whiskey has a unique flavor profile but some will find the finish to fall short of expectations. Overall, it’s a good whiskey with unique flavors. If you are looking to pick a bottle up it will run you about $50 which is a fair price in our opinion for the juice inside.

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