Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016 Bourbon Review

Name: Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016 Bourbon, Bottle #3449

ABV: 50.5%

Proof: 101

Nose: Cherries, Plums, Sherry

Palate: Rye, Spices, Vanilla, Corn

Finish: Moderate and dry with oak and cherry flavors up front and a spicy black pepper flavor as it slowly fades.

Overall: This review is specifically for bottle #3449. Yellowstone has had two previous releases and this years arrived packaged in a matte black tube with gold lettering with a similar label on the bottle. We reviewed the previous two releases and had high expectations for this one as well and it did not disappoint. On the nose there was a strong smell of tart cherries with some plums, and a hint of sherry. At first sip, I was greeted with a burst of rye which was the most prominent flavor in my opinion, there were some spices, mostly black pepper, and a sweet flavor of vanilla. I also got a slight taste of sweet corn. The finish was moderate and dry with some oak and cherry flavors that I really enjoyed. It reminded of a cherry pie filling. As the flavors faded there was a black pepper flavor that added some spice and a bit of heat which was nice on this cold winter day. I tried this whiskey neat and with a splash and enjoyed it both ways. Overall, this was another release from Yellowstone that I had high hopes for and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a delicious whiskey with a good flavor profile and just the right amount of spice. Yellowstone is available in limited quantities as with their previous releases but this is one to add to your Christmas list if you haven’t already picked up a bottle. If you enjoyed their previous releases I feel you will like this one as well, if you’ve been looking to try these I would recommend picking up as bottle as it is a quality bourbon with a unique flavor.

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