Millbrook Distillery Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey Review

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Name: Millbrook Distillery Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled By: Millbrook Distillery

ABV: 57.5%

Proof: 115

Age: 6 Years

Notes: On the nose Millbrook’s Barrel Strength Bourbon has a nice warm vanilla and nutmeg aroma. On the palate there are some spice flavors up front, most noticeably cinnamon and nutmeg and some roasted corn, warm vanilla, and sweet subtle fruit flavors. The finish is moderate with a slight burn and a lingering light corn flavor. The spice flavors in this bourbon are very noticeable and make the whiskey in my opinion. Millbrook Barrel Strength Bourbon is aged 6 years and is very smooth bourbon. I tried this neat and with a splash and enjoyed it both ways. Millbrook Distillery has two solid products with their Dutchess Private Reserve and Barrel Strength Whiskey. They will be adding a third product to the lineup, a rye whiskey, around Christmas 2014. 

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